Look what I got! Be even better if @HurricaneGemma had made ‘em! (Taken with Instagram)

There’s something wrong there… (Taken with Instagram)

Use my 32”, widescreen HD TV as a PC monitor? Well, why the hell not?! (Taken with Instagram)

New phone case!!! (Taken with Instagram)

So now my Lord of the Rings ring count doubles from 1 to 2, with the One Ring joining Aragorn’s ring Barahir - my engagement ring. (Taken with Instagram)

Got given this last week by a member of the Physics team at work after she found it in a stairwell. Can’t help but think that it’s in the same spirit as the story… Hmm… (Taken with Instagram)

Well done Jess; Sheffield now has gold postboxes! (Taken with Instagram)

Got a new photo editing app that turns pics into various things including sketches. Had to try it on @inspchin first didn’t I? >.< (Taken with Instagram)

Made my phone awesome last night, but this is the best bit: Assassin’s Creed logo replacing the network provider? YES PLEASE!!! (Taken with Instagram)

Rocked it whilst morris dancing last night, and to prove it here’s a picture of Alan with a hanging basket on his head! (Taken with Instagram)

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